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Vatsim - Virtual air traffic Simulation network

Hi there folks.

I have always had a special interest in aviation and since I had my own computer connected to the internet ( over 25 years now), I´ve spent hours on Vatsim, both as pilot and ATC. For some reason I reach a point where I had to take care of other things in life, but now, I want to get back into the dirty business.. And I want to do ATC´ing. So I have just signed up and will now slowly get my hands dirty.

I will do more here as time comes so - See you out there!


VATSIM Scandinavia (vACCSCA) is part of the VATSIM Organisation, and falls under the VATEUD Division.

VACCSCA is responsible for the airspace within these FIRs:


Faroe Islands/EKVG,






as well as Iceland/BICC and Bodø/ENOB Oceanic FIRs.

A number of services are offered to assist pilots, such as training documents, airport information and links to charts. We also have an extensive ATC section, including training, manuals, booking system and various downloads.

Our goal is to always provide high quality ATC to everyone inside our airspace, and we're always striving to be amongs the best! Information on individual SCA Countries can be selected from the VATEUD Countries menu HERE

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